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About Us


It all started with inviting our loved ones into our warm house, where we shared home-cooked meals and great moments with them. We would dive into our traditional cuisine and come back to our grandmas’ homey recipes, refining them with a slight touch of our own. We would wait eagerly to see the joy on our friends’ faces as they dug into the food — we were not disappointed. Our pure love for cooking and sharing has since inspired us and is a prime motive behind our restaurant today.


We aspire to truly represent the rich Middle Eastern cuisine through our simple menu to the neighbourhood. We invite you for a taste of Syria, the land of Ornina, where Ornina was a singer of Ishtar's temple in the kingdom of Mari.


Our menu is prepared in-house from scratch with fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers. Our chef and kitchen staff are passionate about food and authentic flavours and are looking forward to serving you.

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